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Land Development Series: Step 2

Acquisition and Financing Before purchasing a lot of raw land, or paying for any planning documents, it’s important to create an accurate budget that accounts for the costs associated with land acquisition and development.  In addition to the value of the raw land, be sure to get written estimates on the costs of your applications […]

Land Development Series: Step 1

Economic Feasibility Study and Site Assessment The journey of commercial land development begins with identifying a parcel of land that broadly fits your location, zoning and space needs. Typically this means a comprehensive feasibility study. During a feasibility study, developers analyze the potential of a piece of land to determine if it aligns with their […]

What is Tenant Improvement Allowance in Commercial Real Estate

Tenant Improvement Allowance

What is Tenant Improvement Allowance in Commercial Real Estate? When delving into the world of commercial real estate in Camp Hill, understanding the finer details of leasing agreements and negotiations is crucial. One such important facet is the Tenant Improvement Allowance (TIA). In this article, we will explore what Tenant Improvement Allowance is and why […]

What is NOI (Net Operating Income)?

What is Net Operating Income

What is NOI (Net Operating Income)? NOI (Net Operating Income) is a key financial metric used by real estate investors and industry professionals to measure the profitability of an investment property. It is determined by subtracting all operating expenses, including debt service, from the gross income generated by the property. This figure gives investors a […]

How To Use A 1031 Exchange

How To Use A 1031 Exchange A 1031 Exchange is a long-term capital gains tax deferment option for business owners and investors looking to sell a piece of real estate and purchase another of equal or greater value within a short time period. The purpose of a 1031 Exchange is to defer the cost of […]

Triple Net and Gross Leases

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A Triple Net (NNN) v. GROSS LEASE? A common question that we receive is for an explanation of the differences between the various commercial real estate lease types. This is especially the most common types, triple net, and gross leases. Before we get into the specific differences between each type […]

What Is A Cap Rate and Why Does It Matter?

The SVN Difference

WHAT IS A CAP RATE AND WHY DOES IT MATTER? In commercial real estate, the term “Cap Rate” gets used a lot, but we have found that many people do not know what a Cap Rate is, how it is calculated, or why it matters.  To start with, the term Cap Rate is short for […]