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Commercial Property Management: Navigating the Accounting and Bookkeeping Landscape

Property management involves a myriad of responsibilities, from maintaining properties to ensuring tenant satisfaction. Among these crucial tasks, accounting and bookkeeping stand out as fundamental pillars. Efficient financial management not only ensures the smooth operation of properties but also fosters transparency and accountability. In this article, we delve into the accounting and bookkeeping side of […]

Commercial Property Management: The Vital Role of Ongoing Maintenance

Commercial property management entails more than just collecting rent and handling tenant concerns. It encompasses a plethora of responsibilities, with ongoing maintenance standing out as one of the most critical aspects. Effective maintenance not only ensures the safety and functionality of the property but also preserves its value and enhances tenant satisfaction. In this article, […]

Commercial Real Estate Summer Internship Opportunity – June-August 2024

Are you a college junior, senior or recent graduate interested in commercial real estate? Apply for our Summer Internship for an opportunity to experience the day-to-day of being a commercial real estate agent.  The internship will be primarily in the Camp Hill, PA area. Part-time weekday hours with many opportunities for first-hand experience in the […]

Commercial Property Management: Navigating Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

Commercial property management is a multifaceted endeavor that involves a plethora of responsibilities, from tenant relations to financial management. Among the many crucial aspects of managing commercial properties, Common Area Maintenance (CAM) holds a significant position. CAM expenses are a fundamental component of multi-tenant leases for commercial properties, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the […]

Land Development Series: Step 9

Ongoing Maintance and Property Management Ongoing maintenance and property management are crucial aspects of ensuring the long-term value and functionality of a commercial property. As a commercial developer, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out strategy to address these aspects efficiently. Here’s a breakdown of ongoing maintenance and property management: Ongoing Maintenance: Regular Inspections: Schedule regular […]

Land Development Series: Step 8

Final Inspections and Occupancy As the land development process comes to a close, there are a few details to wrap up. Final inspections and occupancy are critical stages in the land development process, ensuring that the project meets regulatory standards and is ready for use. Here’s an overview of the process: Preparation for Final Inspections: […]

Land Development Series: Step 7

Marketing The Property for Sale or For Lease After construction has been completed, the next step may be that the owner of the property takes occupancy. However, in many cases the owner takes only some of the space, or is acting as an investor and will market the property for sale or lease (or both!) […]

Land Development Series: Step 6

Construction During the long process of land development, many steps happen with very little visible impact to the property itself. By the time construction starts, many things have happened, and most like a number of months have passed as well. Seeing the official breaking of ground happen as construction kicks off is always a big […]

Land Development Series: Step 5

Infrastructure Development After you have completed the previous 4 steps that we have covered already (Economic Feasibility Study and Site Assessment, Acquisition and Financing, Conceptualization and Design, and Zoning, Subdivision, Land Development, and other Ordinances), the next step is preparing the site for construction. This preparation iinvolves developing necessary infrastructure such as roads, utility connections, […]

Land Development Series: Step 4

Zoning, Subdivision and Other Ordinances Land development is a complex process that requires careful navigation through a myriad of regulations and approvals from various governing bodies. Whether you’re planning to build a residential community, commercial complex, or industrial park, understanding the intricacies of obtaining approvals is crucial. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help […]