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Land Development Series: Step 6

Construction During the long process of land development, many steps happen with very little visible impact to the property itself. By the time construction starts, many things have happened, and most like a number of months have passed as well. Seeing the official breaking of ground happen as construction kicks off is always a big […]

Land Development Series: Step 5

Infrastructure Development After you have completed the previous 4 steps that we have covered already (Economic Feasibility Study and Site Assessment, Acquisition and Financing, Conceptualization and Design, and Zoning, Subdivision, Land Development, and other Ordinances), the next step is preparing the site for construction. This preparation iinvolves developing necessary infrastructure such as roads, utility connections, […]

Land Development Series: Step 4

Zoning, Subdivision and Other Ordinances Land development is a complex process that requires careful navigation through a myriad of regulations and approvals from various governing bodies. Whether you’re planning to build a residential community, commercial complex, or industrial park, understanding the intricacies of obtaining approvals is crucial. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help […]

Land Development Series: Step 3

Conceptualization and Design Conceptualization and design are crucial steps in the commercial land development process, and they play a significant role in shaping the success of the project. Here’s an overview of these steps: 1. Conceptualization: Conceptualization involves developing a clear vision and understanding of what the commercial development will entail. This step helps in […]

Land Development Series: Step 2

Acquisition and Financing Before purchasing a lot of raw land, or paying for any planning documents, it’s important to create an accurate budget that accounts for the costs associated with land acquisition and development.  In addition to the value of the raw land, be sure to get written estimates on the costs of your applications […]

Land Development Series: Step 1

Economic Feasibility Study and Site Assessment The journey of commercial land development begins with identifying a parcel of land that broadly fits your location, zoning and space needs. Typically this means a comprehensive feasibility study. During a feasibility study, developers analyze the potential of a piece of land to determine if it aligns with their […]